Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Proud as a Peacock

I am so proud of myself...now, you really can "see" what is going on in the classroom...I have been able to use my digital camera to take pictures and upload them to the blog...woo hoo!

As you can see, in math we continued working on graphing. We constructed a class pictograph displaying the number of birthdays in each month. Then the children created their own individual pictograph displaying favorite flavors of ice cream.
Everyone was busy during reading. My JGB group finished up their first story with a writing piece. They had to decide whether or not they would want the Master Cat for a pet and then use the text to support their answer. The ROY group read chapters 1 and 2 of Amber Brown is Not a Crayon. We will discuss these tomorrow. Finally, my FLASH group read A Sticky Problem and worked on -ink words.

While everyone is expected to read for 15 minutes every night, tonight I expect ROY to reread Amber Brown... and FLASH to reread A Sticky Problem.

The entire class worked on a cursive handwriting paper (q, c, and o) and a Plural?singular Noun paper.

After lunch and recess, we will finish up a few loose ends from this morning and then go to a cultural arts assembly. Andes Manta will be performing!

Is there anyone who wants to volunteer in the classroom? I could use an adult to read with children on Tuesday from 11-12:30, Wednesday from 10:50-11:40 and Friday from 10:50-11:40. If you want to volunteer, just drop me a note!


Cate Goldsborough said...

Thank you for having us in for Open House. I (pronoun) enjoyed (verb) reviewing (noun?) parts of speech (noun phrase?*).

Could probably use more review! I look forward to reviewing along with Sam.

Kudos to you for adding on-scene pics! Thanks for all the time you put into the blogs. I don't always have the opportunity to comment but am always lurking.

*Paul's term -- not ringing any bells for me.

Dana Holman said...

LOL...what a GREAT way to wake up !!!!! Thanks for your comment...I am still laughing... We are beginning verbs today...Dana

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