Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Team Up to Say No to Drugs!

Many children participated in today's Red Ribbon Week spirit day by wearing their favorite team jerseys!

In math we spent a lot of time reviewing solving word problems. We talked about the importance of READING the problem and THINKING about what the actual problem is asking. Mrs. Starkey and I were both able to pull small groups to work on individual needs. AND...we both noticed that we saw many light bulbs "go off" in children's heads...

The unit assessment is scheduled for next Tuesday, October 30. We will begin working on a review packet tomorrow. There will NOT be a quiz this week. Students received a word problem worksheet for homework.

After reading, we identified verbs in the morning message. The students worked independently on various tasks, including a worksheet that had the children use a table of contents (non-fiction text feature) to answer specific questions. I was able to meet with the Roy reading group to begin reading and discussing chapter 6.

Following PE, lunch and recess, we review the table of contents worksheet as a class. We also listened as children shared their morning work journals. Then we went to an assembly.

Please remember to send in money for the Halloween party!

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