Thursday, October 18, 2007

Staff Development

One of the many opportunities afforded to teachers to better themselves is through staff development release time. Montgomery County Public Schools provides teachers with a specified amount of time, for which they provide subs, for teachers to meet with specialists in order to better themselves professionally. Today was one such day for me!

I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what a day might be like for a teacher during staff development time. Keep in mind, this is merely a glimpse and it is not set in stone...

This morning we discussed student's progress and strategies we have used with specific students and new strategies to try. Then we went through math resource books and differentiated selected activities so that they would meet the needs of more learners and fit the county's curriculum. This afternoon we will continue creating tiered lessons using our curriculum guides and the resource books. We will also plan out the second math unit and reflect on our math groupings to determine how effective they have been.

Needless to say, these staff development days are jam packed!

Today your children were in the very-capable hands of Mrs. Kriz. In math they took a quiz. I will do my best to grade it over the weekend and return it on Monday. During reading, the children selected new spelling words with the -er SOUND. They also practiced using correct capitalization and reading comprehension skills.

Following lunch they will visit the computer lab to create a document of their choice using Microsoft Word or Paint. Then they will read and discuss the current issue of Time for Kids.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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