Friday, October 5, 2007

End of the Week

With the end of the week comes our math quiz. While I haven't graded these, as I walked around during the quiz I was pleased to note MANY improvements. I am looking forward to grading these over the weekend. I think they will demonstrate the amount of growth the kids have made. Hard work pays off!

After math, we reviewed and identified nouns and pronouns Then we discussed non fiction text and text features (captions, photographs, bold print, headings, titles, to name a few) and identified some text features as we read and discussed the current issue of Time for Kids.

Following music, lunch and recess, the students will work on writing fantastic endings for their personal narratives and identify geographic features that can be seen from the front steps of our school.

See you Sunday at the Octoberfest or Monday at Parent Visitation! Remember book orders are due Monday!

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