Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Hour Delay Tuesday

Well, this has been a crazy start to the week...I hope it is not an indicator of the things to come! :-)

This morning we chose to have math instead of reading, due to the delayed opening of school. In my math class the students completed a review packet for the unit 4 assessment. Then they corrected and discussed each item in the packet. The students are expected to use this packet to prepare for the assessment tomorrow.

After math they went to lunch.

Following lunch we will have a class meeting and once again focus on the idea that good character means you do the right thing even when nobody else is around. We will also discuss the fact that make good choices leads to empowering yourself.

Next we will listen to a book about sound. Finally, we will add more strings to our harp and identify how tension and string size affect the volume and pitch of the sound produced.

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