Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This morning in math the students will practice constructing polygons with various numbers of sides. They will also practice using the geometry vocabulary while completing a crossword puzzle. For homework there is a polygon construction worksheet.

We began reading by completing a concept map to help us understand the literary genre of historical fiction. Then we read and discussed the book The Drinking Gourd. It's a short novel about the underground railroad.

After that I introduced a writing strategy that is supposed to help the students better understand their audience and, in turn, include more targeted and developed arguments in their persuasive writing. For today's assignment, the students were to assume the role of a tooth and write a letter to their host (human) persuading them to take better care of their teeth. I am looking forward to seeing the results!

So, while I met with reading groups the students worked on a t-chart in their RRJ identifying historical events and fictional events in The Drinking Gourd and they wrote letters from a tooth to the host.

Reading Groups:
Hyenas: We began reading the medal in class. For homework they need to read the entire chapter called The Medal and identify how Al earned the medal.

Snow Tigers: In class we began reading chapter 8. For homework they need to read chapter 8 and explain how Ben changes.

Hornets: We began reading chapter 9. For homework they need to read chapter 9 and explain whether or not they think Sarah made the right choice.

Following lunch and outdoor recess we will have a class meeting. Today, during our meeting, we will discuss the idea that good character is doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.

We will end the day by constructing string instruments and using them to create sound.

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