Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Yey! The sun is shining!!!!!

In math, some students were pulled for testing. If this affected your child, you know, since you were required to sign a permission slip. Those who remained identified lines of symmetry in figures. While the students worked independently, small groups were pulled to work on place value, subtraction with regrouping and geometry vocabulary. There is a symmetry worksheet for homework.

In reading we identified the meaning of phrases using personification (giving human qualities or characteristics to objects or animals). Then we discussed the importance of knowing your audience when writing to persuade. We identified appropriate arguments for persuading Mr. McGee to allow gum chewing in school.

While I met with reading groups the students worked independently on illustrating and explaining an example of personification, completing their planning packet for their persuasive writing piece and writing their spelling words three times, twice in cursive.

Reading Groups:

Snow Tigers: We discussed Aunt Rose bringing a dog into the house and thereby stirring up another of Ben's dragons. We also began reading chapter 4. Tonight they need to read chapter 4 and identify what Ben finds.

Hyenas: We discussed the mood in the chapter "A Game" and what we thought Sarah Ida would do next. Then we began reading "On the Avenue". Tonight the students need to read "On the Avenue" and name a character trait for Al and details to support the trait.

Hornets: We discussed chapter 4 and began reading chapter 5. Tonight the students need to read chapter 5 and identify what Sarah says that makes Caleb smile.

Following lunch and indoor recess in the gym we will have a class meeting. We will end the day with the students drawing page 0 of The Little House. Then we will share these pictures to initiate a discussion about how the early settlers modified and adapted the land to better suit their needs.

A word about Valentine's Day...

The Murdocks are in the midst of planning a great celebration. To the best of my knowledge, the students will be creating either bags or boxes during the party in which they will collect their valentines. I am sending home a class list today. If your child chooses to distribute valentines to classmates they must have one of equal quality for each child in our homeroom!

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