Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

This morning, in math, we identified the movement of figures...slides (translations), flips (reflections) and turns (rotations). After taking notes, in their math journals, the students worked, independently, on completing a 2 sided worksheet. i met with a small group to work on this worksheet while using plastic letters to illustrate the movement. There is a worksheet for homework that has the students identifying slides, flips and turns.

I had planned to begin our historical fiction unit today but after listening to Elliot in the Morning (yes, DC101) this morning, I changed my mind. In short, the morning radio personalities were discussing how students make cards for parents in school...which made me think...well, not anymore...then I felt a bit sad that kids today don't get to do as many fun projects in school AND I also felt sad that parents don't get the homemade cute cards to cherish and, I changed our reading plans for today!!

We began by reading and discussing an article about space travel in our new National Geographic. After that the students completed a worksheet identifying synonyms and antonyms on one side and contractions on the other. When they were done, they made surprises for YOU, their parents!!

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will go to art. When they return they will celebrate Valentine's Day with a party and exchange valentines.

No reading homework tonight...back to our normal routine tomorrow!

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melissa said...

I LOVE the sweet, homemade Valentine's card and hugging hands!!! I will certainly cherish them :) Thanks for setting aside the time for the children to do this...

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