Thursday, February 24, 2011

Science Fair Thursday

The science fair is tonight, in the gym, beginning at 6:00. Many of our students participated!!! WOO HOO!!!

In math we began unit 5 by naming fractions. We discussed that the denominator names how many parts are in the whole and I told them to remember that denominator and down start with a "d" that should help them remember which number is the numerator and which is the denominator. Then we identified the numerator as the number that describes the parts. Students worked on two worksheets while small groups were pulled to practice solving addition and subtraction problems with regrouping. There is a worksheet for homework tonight.

We began reading by identifying and discussing strategies for answering BCR (short answer) questions. This worksheet should be in the reading section of your child's binder. They are expected to refer to it!

For independent work the students completed their popcorn party paragraph (rough draft), a worksheet where the students are expected to use the strategies discussed in class to answer 3 BCRs that go with a flyer on dietary guidelines and a multiple choice worksheet! Lots to do today!!

Reading Groups:
Hornets: They predicted who John is and what Jacob thought happened to him. Then they read chapter 4 to determine if their prediction was accurate. There is no reading group homework tonight!!

Snow Tigers: We discussed Ben's sneakiness and began reading chapter 12. There is no homework tonight.

Hyenas: We discussed the many positive ways Sarah Ida has changed in the book. We will begin a new novel after MSA testing.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will visit the science fair and go to the media center. When they return to class, Mrs. Howard will do a friendship lesson with them.

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