Friday, February 18, 2011


In math we took our second and final quiz for unit 4. After the quiz, we reviewed each problem and the correct answers. We will complete a review packet for unit 4 on Tuesday and then take the assessment on Wednesday.

We begin reading with a discussion about the challenges the class, overall, has experienced with persuasive writing. Then I introduced ANOTHER planning sheet...this one more basic and straight the class. Once again, we discussed our opinion, how to word it strongly, who our audience is, and how to name and explain our reasons. Hopefully, the students have a better understanding and it will show in their work!

Next we read a realistic fiction book called Mirette on the High Wire. We discussed the characteristics of the book that make it realistic fiction. Additionally, we reviewed the story elements.

While I meet with reading groups, the students will complete a planning sheet for the popcorn party and a story map for Mirette on the High Wire.

Reading Groups:

Hornets: We read and discussed chapter 2.

Snow Tigers: Unfortunately, we were short on time and I was unable to meet with this group.

Hyenas: We read and discussed the chapter titled, The Letter.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will go to music. When they return we will watch a movie about African American Heritage in honor of African American History Month.

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