Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Two Hour Delay Tuesday

Will we ever get back to a routine?!?! Being a person who thrives on it, I hope we get back to a regular schedule SOON!

With that said, we made some adjustments but instruction marched on today!

We began with reading. In reading we read Green Eggs and Ham and identified examples of persuasion used in the book. We discussed different, effective persuasion strategies, too. Then the students received a new assignment. They are to create an advertisement for green eggs and ham (the product, not the book).

Due to time constraints, I did not meet with reading groups but the students did have some time (limited) to work on unfinished work from yesterday and the new assignment from today!

Following lunch we had an abbreviated math class...very abbreviated. We reviewed last nights homework and cleared up misconceptions. Then I began to introduce the concept of intersecting and parallel lines but we ran out of time. Therefore, there is no homework tonight.

After math, we returned to homerooms. At this point I carefully passed out the mock MSA math and reading tests, a sample scoring sheet and a letter from Mr. Mc Gee. PLEASE take the time to look through these documents. They will help you get an idea of what to expect from the MSA and how your child is doing at this point. This is very important!!!

After that we will have a check in class meeting to share compliments and express issues and challenges.

Finally, we will end the day by discussing how pitch is changed using the reed instruments and why it changes!

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