Friday, February 25, 2011


This morning in math we watched a United Streaming video about fractions. This video gives the students a great foundation for the skills we will be practicing next week.

We took a bit of a break from our normal routine, in reading, today. Yesterday we reviewed strategies for answering BCRs. Then the students had BCRs to answer as part of their independent work. Unfortunately, the students' work was NOT all! I xeroxed some student work, without names, of course, and we worked in small groups to identify what was missing (or wrong) with the response AND to rewrite the response using the given strategies. We stopped at various points to engage in discussions as to what was included and omitted from the small groups work. By the end of the reading block, I was hearing students talking about their work using vocabulary I use...I am hoping they are starting to "get it".

We did take a short break during reading to visit the music room and listen to the 4th graders perform a song, on their recorders, with 3 musicians from the BSO. They were awesome!

Following lunch and outdoor recess we will go to music. Then, MRs. Howar and Mr. Romer will visit us again, to continue their friendship lessons. This is a make-up lesson from January.

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