Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hump Day

This morning, my math class took the unit 4 assessment. Tomorrow we will begin unit 5, fractions and probability.

In reading our focus has shifted back to informational text. Our lens this time will be on test taking strategies. Today we read a set of directions and identified the important steps, as well as, ways we could improve the directions. After that, I distributed a set of strategies for answering multiple choice questions. We read through the steps and discussed each one. Next, I modeled taking our writing planning sheets from Friday and turning it into a paragraph by adding details and transition words.

While I meet with reading groups the students will complete a worksheet that supports the multiple choice strategies. They will also complete a multiple choice worksheet that goes with the seed tape directions. Finally, they will use their planning sheets to write a rough draft.

Snow Tigers: We began reading chapter 11. For homework the students need to read chapter 11 and identify what Ben does that is sneaky.

Hornets: We began reading chapter 3. For homework the students need to read chapter 3 and predict how Jacob will react to John.

Hyenas: We began reading The Package. For homework the students need to read the chapter called The Package and name and explain 1 way that Sarah Ida has changed since the beginning of the book.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will go to PE. When they return we will discuss the impact of tension and weight of the string on the volume and pitch of sound. Then we will make a model of an eardrum.

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