Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hump Day

In math the students practiced identifying lines of symmetry in figures and then drawing congruent figures.

After our warm up the children took a quick 3 problem "exit card"...basically a non-graded assessment tool. Mrs. Mutiga and I used these cards to identify the students who continue to struggle with addition and subtraction with regrouping and identifying and applying the rule for numeric patterns.

So, while the class worked independently, Mrs. Mutiga and I met with small groups of students to work on these skills. We will continue to do this for the remainder of the week.

There was a worksheet for homework and there will be a quiz on Friday.

In reading we read the book Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers and identified aspects of the story that were historical and fictional. Then we discussed how knowing your audience and understanding both sides of an argument (pros and cons) can help you win an argument or persuade someone to think or fell the way you do.

While I meet with reading groups the students will complete a chart by placing statements from Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers on either the historical fact or fiction side. They will also choose an opinion of something they would like to see changed about our school and list at least 4 pros and 4 cons for their argument.

Reading Groups:

Hornets: We discussed the author's message in the book. I collected books...we will begin a new novel tomorrow or Friday.

Snow Tigers: We discussed how Ben is changing and why. Then we began to read chapter 9. Tonight they need to read chapter 9 and identify how Ben is feeling and the reason for it.

Hyenas: We discussed the Al's medal. Then we read and discussed the chapter called "The Accident". Tonight they need to read the chapter called Across the Railroad Tracks" and identify the problem in this chapter.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the class went to PE. When they return we will make string instruments that include a sound board.

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