Friday, February 4, 2011


Yey! We made it through an entire week...well, almost...there was a two hour delay! :-)

In math we learned about identifying the parts of a circle and constructing circles using a compass. While the students worked independently, Mrs. Mutiga worked with small groups on geometry vocabulary and I worked with small groups practicing the use of a compass to construct circles.

To begin our reading block and distributed 2 writing tools to be kept (and used by the students) in the writing section of their binders. These were both worksheets that provided word choice alternatives.

Then we read and discussed a piece of text about a little girl visiting her grandmother. As part of their independent work today, the students will be responding to this text by answering a BCR and several multiple choice questions.

While the students worked on this assignment, finished their green eggs and ham ad and completed any other unfinished work from the week, I met with reading groups.

Reading Groups:

hornets: We reread chapter 2 and shared their questions that they wrote for homework

show tigers: we reread chapter 2 and discussed the theme of facing different dragons as he settles into Aunt Rose's house

hyenas: we reread chapter 2 and discussed the idea of Sarah Ida being a bully when she borrowed money from Rossi

NOTE: Any student who did not turn in a finish green eggs and ham ad must complete it this weekend...we will be sharing these Monday in class!!

Following lunch and outdoor recess the students will be going to music. When they return, we will read the story the Lille House and discuss how transportation changes communities.

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