Thursday, February 10, 2011


This morning in math we began identifying and describing solid figures. Some of the vocabulary the students learned included; prism (a solid with two bases), pyramid (a solid with a base and an adjacent vertex), vertex (a point where 3 or more edges meet), edge ( a line segment where two faces meet) and face (a flat side). They had a chance to get their hands on some solid figures and identify the number of faces, edges and vertices. For homework there is a worksheet and we will have a quiz tomorrow!

In reading we learned about metaphors, another type of figurative language. Metaphors compare two different people, places, things, feelings or ideas in order to vividly describe them BUT a metaphor does not contain the word "like" or "as".

Last night I read and provided feedback on each student's persuasive paragraph rough draft. So, after our metaphor lesson I shared some things I noticed...first, many students are not including a concluding we reviewed that. Then I spent time explaining and providing example of what it means to name and explain your ideas. I told them the explaining part might answer...and so.... or and therefore.... or because of this.... Finally, I modeled writing a complete paragraph about why red is the best color in the world.

While i met with reading groups the students illustrated a poem called "Sun" to show their comprehension of the poem. Then they took spelling pre tests with a buddy. After that, they conferenced with a friend on their rough draft...the intent was to revise and edit their writing. Next they were to begin their final copy.

Reading Groups:
Snow Tigers: We read chapter 6 and discussed what the title "Hana Spills the Beans" means. For homework they need to read chapter 7 and identify what Ben and Gully have in common.

Hornets: We discussed Sarah crying on page 40 and then began reading chapter 8. For homework they need to read chapter 8 and identify where Sarah goes during the storm.

Hyenas: We discussed Sarah Ida's first day of work and then began reading The Boy on the Street. For homework they need to read that chapter and identify who was the boy on the street.

Following lunch and indoor recess s the class will visit the media center. When they return, Mrs. Howard will do a guidance lesson with them.

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