Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today is the first day back to school after Spring Break AND the first day of the fourth marking period!

In math we began counting, writing and comparing different amounts of money involving both coins and bills. I also worked with two small groups identifying the value of a fraction of a set. For homework, the children need to work with an adult...the adult should pull out a handful of change from their pocket, wallet or coin jar and have the student count it. Then they should add or subtract coins to change the value and have the student count it again. Finally, the adult MUST sign the student's planner to indicate that he/she has completed the homework. Each student is expected to count AT LEAST two different piles of change.

In reading we began our study of poetry (both reading and writing) by discussing what it is. Then while Mrs. Hepner, our reading specialist, worked with a small group, I met with the lions group. I will continue working with small groups after PE, lunch and recess. While I am meeting with groups, the rest of the class will work on individual reading group assignments, a cartoon for our new vocabulary word "heed" and reading poetry.

Lions: Discussed the Michael Dorris, the author of Morning Girl, and the time period in which this book takes place. Then we read chapter 1 and the students completed a follow up activity.

Tigers: We discussed the idea of a child who has special needs and began reading chapter 1 of Stay Away from Simon. For homework the students need to finish reading this chapter and list 5 unknown words on a sticky note.

Bears: Practiced writing high frequency words and reread chapter 1. Then we discussed what made Chris a hero. After that we read and discussed chapter 2. For homework they need to reread chapter 2.

Lions, again: Homework - reread chapter 1 and in their RRJ explain the main complaints Morning Girl has about Star Boy.

We ended the day discussing the importance of trees. Then the students began creating posters to promote trees and their importance. These posters will be entered into a contest which can earn our school a cherry tree and up to $1,000 in landscaping. However, in order for the poster to be entered into the contest every student must return a signed permission slip, which we are sending home this evening, tomorrow!!!

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