Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hump Day

This morning we revisted solving two digit mupltiplication problems. The biggest struggle for the students was the basic facts aspect. The children really need to commit all of the basic math facts to memory. While the children worked on two worksheet independently, I pulled two small groups. One worked on ordering decimals from least to greatest. The other practiced determining the amount of change in a word problem. For homework the students need to complete both worksheets from class.

In reading we were introduced to tercet and quatrain poetry (rhyming poems with 3 and 4 lines per stanza). We also practiced identifying the rhyming patterns in poems. While I met with reading groups, the students identified rhyming patterns and illustrated a poem. They also worked on follow up[ worksheets for their reading groups. Finally, they caught up on any other unfinished work.

Following PE they went to lunch and then recess. Going to recess first wasn't working out very well!

Tigers: Discussed the main idea of chapter 3 and how Lucy got lost. Then they reread the chapter and completed a follow up worksheet.

Bears: We reread chapter 5 and discussed the author's message. Then the students used a word bank, which I provided, and our discussion to write about the author's message in their RRJ.

We will end the day by planting our seeds in science!

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