Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Wow! What a difference the sunshine makes!?!?!

This morning in math we were shut out of the computer lab, again...so, no FASTT math! Bummer! We spent our extra time working on word problems involving money. Then the class worked independently on two worksheets while I met with small groups. One group practiced counting and solving problems involving money. The other worked on long division. Tonight for homework the children need to complete the division homework that they began in class.

In reading we reviewed the characteristics of fantasy and read a book called The Mysterious Tadpole. Then we began reviewing the characteristics of realistic fiction in preparation for our next writing unit. After that we began creating topic lists for realistic fiction using events we have experienced in our own lives. Finally, we set up a planning sheet for our first piece of realistic fiction.

Following lunch and recess the students will work on completing the planning sheet for their first realistic fiction piece and they will search for -ear words. They will also work on reading group assignments. I will meet with reading groups.

Tigers: Practiced writing high frequency words. Then read and discussed chapter 2. Afterwards they completed a follow up worksheet independently. Tonight they need to reread chapter 2.

Bears: Practiced writing high frequency words. Then read and discussed On the Avenue....Tonight they need to reread this chapter for homework.

Lions: Wrote a diamante poem comparing Morning Girl to Star Boy. Then we finished reading and discussing the book in group. Tonight they need to complete a worksheet explaining the changes in Morning Girl and Star Boy during the course of the book.

We will end the day by observing our plants and staking them.

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