Thursday, April 15, 2010


This morning we had a practice Code Blue/Tornado drill as required by the state and MCPS. It went very well!!! But because of this, we did not go to FASTT math. We did attempt to solve division problems with remainders. Unfortunately, there were challenges, so we will review this concept next week...we will have a quiz tomorrow. No division!!! I was able to meet with three groups and work on multiplying two digit numbers, adding money and identifying how many quarters are needed to make a given amount of money. There is a money worksheet for homework tonight!

In reading we used a Shel Silverstein poem to review alliteration, a form of figurative language where the beginning consonant sound is repeated in several words. We also used other poetry to identify examples of onomatopoeia (words that are sounds...splish, pop, squeak, etc.)

Following music, lunch and recess the students will read and write poetry and work on reading group assignments while I meet with small groups.

Tigers: We began reading and discussing chapter 4. Then they finished the chapter independently and wrote about a quote from the chapter in their RRJ.

Bears: We began a new novel, Shoeshine Girl. The students read the first chapter independently and listed three words to discuss in group. Then we reread the chapter together and discussed character traits for Sarah Ida.

Lions: Read chapter 5 and completed a follow up worksheet independently. We will discuss this chapter in group tomorrow.

We will end the day with a lesson from Mrs. Howard.

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