Monday, April 19, 2010

TV Turnoff Week

Congratulations to all of the brave families taking part in this week's TV Turn-off Week!!

In math this morning we practiced solving simple division problems. We also previewed long division. While the students worked independently I met with three small groups. The first group focused on solving division problems using manipulatives. The second group practiced solving subtraction problems involving money. The third group worked on finding the product of two and three digit multiplication problems. All students need to complete the two worksheets from class for homework this evening.

We had our spring portraits taken at the beginning of reading. Unfortunately, this eliminated our regular time set aside for our whole group lesson. Therefore, this afternoon, following art, lunch and recess, for independent work, the students will read a National Geographic article and complete a comprehension worksheet. They will also create a cartoon for the vocabulary word sliver. Finally, they will work on reading group assignments.

Lions: We discussed chapter 6 and began reading and discussing chapter 7. I am trying to focus our discussions on the difference between what the author writes and what he means. This continues to be a struggle for the group, as a whole. This afternoon (I met with them this morning) they will finish reading chapter 7 and complete a follow up worksheet.

Tigers: Reviewed chapter 5 and discussed Lucy's reason for why she is afraid of Simon. Tonight the students need to reread chapter 5 and, in their RRJ, answer the question, "What was the real reason that Lucy was afraid of Simon? What really happened?"

Bears: Only one member of this group was still in school when it was time to meet. Therefore, we did not meet today! :-( Students should reread the first chapter for homework!!

We will end the day by observing our plants and making sure they have enough water and soil. We will also discuss the need for thinning plants.

I am also hoping we will have enough time to read some of the books that were generously bought at the Book Fair last week and donated to our class library!

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