Friday, April 23, 2010


I am so glad to have my class back!!!!

Due to MSA science testing we did not have FASTT math this morning. Therefore, after completing our warm up and reviewing the homework, we practiced solving math problems on white boards to prepare for today's quiz. Then we took our quiz! Look for it in your child's the math section, of course!! :-)

In reading we read and wrote diamante poems. Diamante poetry is seven lines that compares two subjects. Here is the organization:
Line 1 noun subject #1
Line 2 2 adjectives describing subject #1
Line 3 3 action words related to subject #1
Line 4 a 4 word phrase describing a feeling about both subjects #1 and #2
Line 5 3 action words related to subject #2
Line 6 2 adjectives describing subject #2
Line 7 noun subject #2

Following going to the media center, lunch and recess the students will work on writing at least one diamante poem. They will also complete any other unfinished work from the week, including writing a couplet, writing a cinquain and completing the National Geographic worksheet. I will meet with small groups.

Tigers: Reread chapter 6 and discussed the change in the relationship between Lucy and Simon. Then the students worked independently on a follow up worksheet.

Bears: Read and discussed chapter 3 (A Game?)

Lions: Began reading and discussing chapter 9...once again the inferential and figurative language presented some challenges!!!

We will end the day by discussing how transportation links communities and people. Then those who earned it will enjoy Fun Friday!

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