Monday, April 12, 2010

Book Fair

Our Spring Book Fair begins tomorrow and continues all week. It is located in the media center. Remember that all proceeds benefit YOUR children!!

In math we read and wrote decimals for tenths and hundredths. I also met with three small groups. One worked on identifying the value of a set. The second worked on read and writing decimals. The third group practiced identifying the amount of change needed. There is a money worksheet for homework tonight and we will have a quiz on Friday!

In reading we identified the structure of a poem and began discussing rhyming poetry, both couplets and tercets.

Following art, recess and then lunch (we are having recess first and then lunch all week) the students will work independently on reading group assignments, rhyming words and a new vocabulary word, while I meet with reading groups.

Lions: Reread chapter 2 independently and identified the complaints that Star Boy has against Morning Girl. Then we discussed this in group. Additionally, there was a follow up worksheet. Tonight they need to read chapter 3 and be prepared to discuss the main idea of the chapter.

Tigers: Read and discussed chapter 2. For homework they need to reread chapter 2 and complete the follow up worksheet which they began in class.

Bears: Read and discussed chapter 4. Then they wrote about the main idea of the chapter and made a prediction for what's next, in their RRJ. Tonight they need to reread chapter 4.

WE will end the day with a video about plant growth and development.

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