Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

This morning we were not able to go to the computer lab for FASTT math. This gave us extra time to practice solving long division problems using white boards. Many students did very well!!! It was exciting to watch kids "get it". Whole the class worked independently on a division and multiplication worksheet, I met with two small groups. One group worked on solving equations that involved unknowns. The other practiced solving division problems, with and without remainders. For homework, the students need to complete their classwork. There will be a quiz on Friday!

We began reading with a vocabulary check. In their RRJ, the students listed the "words on the week" that we have worked on and wrote a definition for each. Then we reviewed these words. After that we reviewed the structure of a cinquain poem. Then I modeled, thinking out loud, how to write one. After that, the class wrote one together.

Following PE, lunch and indoor recess the students will make a card for Mrs. Watkins and Mrs. McAlister in honor of Administrative Assistant's Day. They will also write a cinquain poem. I will meet with some reading groups.

Tigers: We decided not to meet...they wanted to work on their cards and we are currently finishing their reading book. We will complete the last activity for the book on Thursday and/or Friday and then we will begin a new book on Monday.

Bears: Reread chapter 2 and completed a follow up, comprehension, worksheet.

Lions: Planned to meet with them but the students were working so hard on their cards for Mrs. McAlister and Mrs. Watkins, I didn't have the heart to interrupt... Some days are like that!!

We will end the day with a social studies lesson. We will read The House on Maple Street and discuss how transportation connects people and communities.

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Blank said...

Whole the class worked independently on a division and multiplication worksheet

I really like these long division worksheets... wanted to share.

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