Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This morning in math we practiced adding and subtracting decimals and money. We also related money to fractions. While the students practiced these skills independently, I met with small groups. One group worked on reading and writing decimals. The other practiced making change using both subtraction and the counting up strategy. There are two worksheets for homework...one was started in class.

In reading we learned about the famous poet Shel Silverstein. We read a biography about his life and shared some of our favorite Shel Silverstein poems. After that we began writing rhyming poetry. We started with couplets...poems in which every two lines end with words that rhyme. Here's the poem we wrote as a class:


I can't wait to go out and play
It's such a sunny day!

Scream, yell, skip and hop
Until you get tired - then you drop!

It's too bad we have to go back inside
Wonder if they'll find me if I hide!

The children and I wrote this poem together! I am so proud of them! Aren't you?!??

Next we went to preview the book fair! Lots of great books...make sure to check it out this week!

Following indoor recess and lunch, the students will practice writing couplets. They will also reread Turtle Travels, an article in their National Geographic, and complete a follow up worksheet. I will meet with reading groups.

Tigers: Began reading and discussing chapter 3. For homework they need to finish reading chapter 3 and be prepared to tell me what happened.

Bears: Practiced writing high frequency words on white boards. Then read chapter 5 silently and wrote on a sticky note the surprise that they discovered in their reading. Tonight they need to reread chapter 5 for homework.

Lions: Discussed chapter 3. For homework they need to reread chapter 3 and get a parent signature.

We will end the day by looking at dry and soaked lima beans and identifying the parts of a seed.

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