Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This morning we tackled long division in math. We spent most of the period (minus time spent on FASTT math, HW and warm up) reviewing the steps(divide, multiply, subtract, bring down, repeat) and practicing on white boards. Therefore, I unfortunately did not get the chance to work with any small groups. :-( There is a money worksheet for homework...believe me, they are not ready to independently practice the long division!! PARENTS...PLEASE help...have your children practice their multiplication basic facts either using the flashcards I sent home earlier this year or using web sites that are linked to the DES home page. WE need to get these memorized!!

We began reading by reading cinquain poems. Then we identified the structure of these poems by counting and marking the syllables on the actual poem. We discovered that cinquain poems are poems with 5 lines...the fist line has 2 syllables, the second has 4 syllables, the third line has 6 syllables, the fourth has 8 syllables and the final line has 2.

Then we went to the computer lab to continue publishing our writing.

Following lunch and recess the students continued marking and counting syllables and identified the main ideas of the cinquains while I met with small groups.

Tigers: We discussed Lucy's incorrect opinion of Simon and how she came to that idea. Then we read and discussed chapter 6. For homework the students need to reread chapter 6...working on phrasing and fluency.

Bears: We reread chapter2 (Rossi) and discussed Sarah Ida's behavior. Tonight they need to reread this chapter and work on phrasing and fluency.

Lions: They read chapter 8 independently and thought about why Star Boy got angry with Red Feathers. Then we began reading and discussing this chapter, together, in group. We are still working on the inferential meaning that is constant in this novel. Tonight they need to reread this chapter.

We will end the day with observing, thinning and transplanting the plants.

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Do you think these long division worksheets would help?

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