Friday, April 9, 2010


This morning in math we began reading and writing decimals by relating them to our knowledge of fractions. Today we focused on tenths. After I stumbled through a lesson, the students watch a 5 minute video that seemed to provide better clarification for them! :-) Then, while the students completed a worksheet independently, I met with small groups. One group continued identifying the values of a fraction of a set. The other group counted change.

In reading we continued our poetry unit. I shared some of my favorite Jack Prelutsky poems and we discussed the message in the poems. Then I modeled writing an acrostic poem. This is a poem where you select a word that becomes the topic of your poem. The word is written vertically so that each letter in the topic becomes the first letter in a line of the poem. For example:

Following a visit tot he media center and lunch and recess, the students will work on a questionnaire for the DES time capsule, write at least one acrostic poem and read more poetry, while I meet with reading groups.

We will end the day by listing what we know about plants, as an introduction to our final science unit. Then we will enjoy Fun Friday...well, those of us who earned it!

Tigers: Reviewed unknown words from chapter 1. Began reading and discussing chapter 2. Spent some time discussing schools in the 1800's as compared to schools today.

Bears: Reviewed acrostic poems. After I modeled writing two for the group, we wrote one, as a group, together. Then we began reading and discussing chapter 3 of The Secret.

Lions: We reviewed the main idea in chapter 1 and spent time discussing the difference between literal and inferential meaning. This seems to be causing some issues with comprehension. Then we read chapter 2.

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