Friday, April 16, 2010


This morning in math we reviewed division before going to FASTT math. When we returned the students took a quiz. Many students did poorly and I spoke with the students about taking advantage of small groups to help them better understand the concepts being taught. The quizzes are in the math section of their binder. check them out!

In reading we discussed the importance of using words, phrases and sentences in poetry to get the right meaning across to your reader. The students worked on individual reading group assignments, and reading and writing poetry while I met with small groups. The also went to the computer lab (for their media lesson), lunch and recess.

Lions: Discussed chapter 5. Then read chapter 6 and completed follow up worksheet.

Tigers: Read and discussed chapter 5. Then completed follow up worksheet.

Bears: Completed follow up worksheet from chapter 1. Then read and discussed chapter 2.

Before enjoying Fun Friday the students watered their plants and read about the plant growth life cycle.

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