Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Very Busy Thursday!

We are humming along and being quite productive these days!!

In math we practiced solving addition problems that require the regrouping of numbers. I also met with two small groups working on addition and identifying and completing numeric patters. There is a subtraction practice sheet (no regrouping required!) for homework. We WILL have a quiz tomorrow on estimating sums, expanded form and numeric patterns.

During reading we used context clues (surrounding sentences and illustrations)to figure out the meaning of new vocabulary in Brave Irene. I was so impressed with the children's abilities. It made for a fun lesson!!!

Following music, lunch and recess my homeroom will be going to the computer lab to complete a Fingerprint Web Quest, while Mr. Vogel's homeroom has a guidance lesson. After the computer lab, my homeroom will meet with Mrs. Howard for a lesson on organization.

Homework: Word Work Homework is DUE TOMORROW!!!!! FOUR assignments. All students should read for at least 15 minutes, as well.

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