Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hump Day!

You gotta love it when you wake up thinking it is only Tuesday and it is actually WEDNESDAY!!!!

Good news...the children did a great job with the sub yesterday! They got through the lessons I left and received wonderful compliments from her!!

In math today we worked in small groups to solve 2 and 3 digit addition problems that required regrouping. The students worked together to solve the problem and explain their thinking to the class. There is an addition practice sheet for homework.

We began reading by listening to Madeline's Rescue. Additionally, I modeled a written response (BCR) that identified the problem and events leading to the solution for The Empty Pot. AS part of their independent work, the students will answer the same BCR but use Madeline's Rescue. They will also practice writing the letters q, o and c in cursive.

Just prior to going to PE, lunch and recess, we went down to the lunchroom and noted sensory images that we saw, heard, smelled and felt, in our writer's notebook.

After recess the students will meet with me in reading groups, work with Mrs. Hepner on their writing and work independently on the assignments explained earlier.

I am hoping we will end the day by going to the computer lab to work on a Web Quest (kind of like an electronic scavenger hunt)for our fingerprinting unit. We will have to see how the day plays out as far as time goes...

Reading Groups:
Bear - We will sort our contractions that we collected yesterday and begin a new book.

Tiger - We will begin reading Galimoto and identify unknown words (both comprehension and decoding).

Lion - We will begin The Secret. They will write about basketball in their RRJ. Just an FYI...this group is getting a "novel schedule" today. This is the anticipated sequence of events for their new book. It is expected to be kept in the reading section of their binder. Please look it over but keep it in there!

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