Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Day After...

It's always a bit rough waking up the morning after Back to School Night...but knowing I was going to be greeted by a great class helped...somewhat! I was still a bit tired today!!

In math we worked on arranging four digit numbers in order from least to greatest using place value. We also identified numbers as odd or even. We will have a quiz tomorrow and there is an odd/even worksheet for homework.

During reading we read Thundercake by Patricia Pollacco. We identified characteristics of realistic fiction and practiced making connections to the text.

We also went to music.

After lunch and recess the students wrote about the connections they made to Thundercake, in their RRJ. They also practiced writing the cursive letters u, w and e. Some students did not finish their cursive. They will need to finish it as part of their homework.

While they worked independently I finished my reading assessments...yes, finished!! WOO HOO!!!!!

Finally, we ended the day with the children drawing a map of their own desk and the three closest desks to them.

Please make sure your child reads for at least 15 minutes!!!!


JCampbell said...

Back to school night was very informative. Thanks for your daily blog entries. It helps me remind Zachary of the things that he did at school for the day, so that we can talk about them.

Dana Holman said...

Thanks for the feedback! It is so nice to know that the blog is helpful!

Always looking for ways to improve!!!

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