Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hump Day

I feel like I have made it over the "hump"!!! We had our first class with our new reading groups today and it feels like we are settled in at last!!!

This morning I was at a meeting discussing student data and it's implications for planning and instruction. While there, Mrs. Benson worked with my math class on rounding three digit numbers to the nearest ten. Mrs. Benson assigned the homework for this evening...students are to choose 5 3-digit numbers and round these to the nearest ten using the method we have practiced in class and at home for the past two days.

During reading we reread The Listening Walk and the students categorized sound words. They also learned and practiced two new cursive letters, l and b.

Following PE, lunch and recess my homeroom completed the science activity that we ran out of time to do yesterday. They used their knowledge of fingerprint patterns to "solve" a crime. Then they wrote about how fingerprinting helped them solve the crime.

Finally, Mrs. Howard stopped by to do a lesson with my homeroom about organization.

Homework: Read for 15 minutes and finish the word sort and/or cursive from my reading class.


MDesmond said...

Hi Mrs. Holman,
thanks so much for doing this blog! Its great to be able to find out what you're working on everyday! Much better than the monosyllabic answers from kaitlyn that I get sometimes.
Now that the reading assessments are done and the groups have been formed, how do we get a sense of the level that our child is reading on? I'd love to know what program is being used so that I know what level #? means or level "letter ?" means. Also how to choose books for her that might go along with what you guys are doing at school. Is the William and Mary program continuing this year?
Stephanie Desmond

Dana Holman said...

Hi Mrs. Desmond!

All are great questions. I will have updates regarding individual reading groups posted on the blog as soon as I begin meeting with them. The plan is to begin meeting with groups tomorrow!

You will know what each groups focus/lesson is along with any pertinent assignments. We will be using Junior Great Books (JGB) beginning in the fall. William and Mary will begin in late winter. Other materials such as novels and National Geographic will be used as well.

Hope this answers your questions. If not, ask away!!!


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