Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Tuesday that Feel Like a Monday

We had a great day, again, today but it was BUSY!!!!!

In math we practiced making the greatest and least (this part was new) possible number given four digits. I also introduced 4 anchor activities that students can choose from that will help them practice their math skills when they are finished with their classwork. There is a worksheet for homework.

During our reading block, I attempted to complete my reading assessments. I got a lot done but there is still more to do! While I tested students the rest of the class worked independently on writing the letters i and t in cursive and making an "I Am Special" book. The children worked quite well. I was proud of them!!! There is a cursive practice paper for homework, too.

Just prior to releasing the students to work independently, I introduced the "Issue Bin". This is a poster hanging on the wall where students can write important notes to me on post-it notes and leave them for me to read when I am busy working with other students independently or one-on-one. This gives students the chance to ask questions or tell me something that they think is "pressing" without taking me away from other children with whom I am engaged.

Following lunch and recess I had a meeting to attend but the students finished their "I Am Special" book.

When I returned we read about the history of fingerprinting and then looked at the three common fingerprint patters; arch, whorl and loop. FInally, we practiced making fingerprints.

Don't forget, every students is expected to read for 15 minutes each and every night...even if we forget to write it in the planner!!!!

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