Monday, September 14, 2009


The Redskins' opening loss was a bitter pill to swallow...luckily, I have a fantastic group of students to take my mind off of it!

In math this morning we began tackling rounding two digit numbers to the nearest ten. There is a follow up worksheet for homework. We completed the first problem in class just in case the children need help from home and parents didn't quite understand the set up. In short, the children need to decide which two "tens" the given number is between (on the number line) and then use the ones digit to decide whether to round up to the higher ten or down to the lower ten. 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 round down. 5 and higher round up.

During reading we read Miss Rumphius and practiced identify character traits for the main character and finding evidence from the book. Then we began using these character traits to make predictions as to what will happen in the story. This is one way that good readers increase their understanding of fiction.

We also went to art this morning.

This afternoon we will begin our /ee/ word study unit. We will also read the Listening Walk and do a vocabulary word sort. Should time permit the children will write a personal narrative paying special attention to describing the sounds that were pertinent to their particular memory.

We will end the day by doing a social studies word sort in small groups.

For homework students will need to add at least 10 words to their /ee/ list and read for 15 minutes.

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