Thursday, September 3, 2009

Math Homework Begins!!

The student's in my math class will be bringing home a place value worksheet for homework today! Woo Hoo!!!! We spent the majority of math practicing writing two and three numbers in standard, word and expanded form. I also began to introduce a game which they will be able to "play" when they have completed their work. This game incorporates place value and mental addition and subtraction.

In reading we again practiced making connections to text, this time using the book Ira Sleeps Over. Once again we were working on identifying the emotions that we felt and he actions that were brought about by our feelings.

After going to music we set up our writer's notebook, our word study jouranl and our reading response log. Then we began listing approrpiate entries for our writer's notebook, such as; lists, graphic organizers and rough drafts.

Following lunch and recess I will continue reading testing. The students will write about a connection they can make to either The Art Lesson or Ira Sleeps Over, in their reading response log. Then they will begin a list of writing topics for personal narratives in their writer's notebook. If they have additional time they will independently read their National Geographic.

At 2:30 Mrs. Howard will stop by for a brief visit. Fianlly, we will begin our social studies unit by creating a symbol for a hobby and making a map of our desk.

Homework: Math worksheet and read for at least 15 minutes

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