Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Be warned...we do not have specials on Tuesday...they can be long for the children (okay...for me, too!) But, again, it has been another productive day! I am loving our new schedule and this group of children!!!

In math, the children worked in small groups, using a cooperative learning strategy called numbered heads, to estimate the difference between two numbers. Then the groups shared their work with the entire class. However, the students all had to understand what was done in group because they did not know who I would call on to tell the class how they solved the problem. It was a fun way for the students to learn and it did encourage total group participation. The downside was I did not get to small groups. There is a pattern worksheet for homework.

After math and before reading, Mrs. Howard spoke to the students about running to be a class rep for SGA. A letter with more information is coming home this evening. Speeches are due and will be given to homeroom classes at 1:30 on Friday.

During reading we read Brave Irene and discussed the plot. Then, as apart of independent work, the children wrote about the story elements, including the plot, on a worksheet. They also completed a vocabulary activity and practiced writing the letters, a, d and g for independent work.

For our writing lesson, I read an excerpt of Charlotte's Web and we identified and discussed various uses of sensory images, used by the author, to create a scene. It was a great discussion! The students were able to explain so many examples!

Prior to lunch I met with the bear reading group. We identified contractions as we reread The Running Shoes. We also wrote about the problem and solution in the story, together, in their RRJs.

Following lunch and recess, I will be out at a doctor's appointment. The children will continue to work on independent work and meet in reading groups with the sub. They will also work on writing with Mrs. Hepner.

Tigers will reread Crow Boy and discuss the problem and solution. They will write about the problem and solution, independently, in their RRJ.

Lions will reread chapter 4 & 5 and discuss the problem and solution. They, too, will write about it, on their own, in their RRJ.

Finally, my homeroom will use cocoa powder to dust for fingerprints in science today. Should be a fun experiment!!

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