Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day Two...WOW!

You'll find out about the WOW in a few minutes...until then you'll have to be in suspense!

In math we took a preassessment for the place value section of unit 1. After that, I reviewed the correct answers with the class. Then we began discussing and taking notes, in our math journal, about digits and how they can change values depending upon their position in a number. We did not have time to get to homework today but look for some tomorrow! :-)

During reading we reviewed the way to choose a just right book. There is a paper in the reading section of their binder with guidelines. I also modeled organizing my thoughts for a writing piece...I used the same topic and thoughts from my web that I created yesterday and showed the class how I could have made a flow chart to prepare for the writing piece. Then I used the web and flow chart to write a rough draft.

Then...drum roll please...this is the exciting part!!! We began sharing out Guess Bags. It was SOOOO much fun to learn about the children by guessing what their "things" symbolized.

After lunch and recess the children worked on their own personal narrative while I began reading testing. I will be testing each child individually to gain information about their decoding and comprehension abilities. This will help me plan for reading instruction.

Unfortunately, we did not get to our planned science lesson today, as we spent the end of the day finishing out Guess Bags...but it was worth the time!!


Read for 15 minutes AND gather pictures and decorations for an All About Me poster that the students will DO in SCHOOL tomorrow. They are not to do the poster at home!

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