Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our First Peace Assembly

In math we began identifying the rule and using it to continue numeric patterns. The students have notes in the math section of their binders to help them with their homework this evening. There is a worksheet in their home folder.

In reading we read Where the River Begins and identified the importance of the setting to this book. We also chose our first personal word study list and put those words in our word study journal and our planner for this week and next week. Additionally, we glued the word study routine and homework assignments into the front and back covers of our word study journal.

Following music, lunch and recess I FINALLY began meeting with reading groups while the students worked independently on choosing their word study lists and practicing writing h and k in cursive.

Bears: Met with me and practice identifying and writing words that are in their book. Then we read pages 2-6. For homework they need to reread these pages.

Tigers: They talked me out of the warm up I had planned...we were running out of time and they really wanted to begin reading the can I argue with that? So we began reading Crow Boy. Tonight, for homework, they need to finish reading the book and list any unknown words (either decoding or comprehension) on the sticky note in the front of their book.

Lion: Read chapters 1 and 2 in Queen of the Pool. They noted unfamiliar words on a sticky note in the front of their book. They also had to be ready to identify the problem in the book. Tonight they need to reread the first two chapters.

After reading we went to the school's first peace assembly. We watched 4th and 5th grade students perform puppet shows and skits to help reinforce our Stop and Think program. It was a great way to review what it means to make good choices!

Homework: Math, reading and begin word study homework. Four word study assignments are due NEXT Friday, September 25.

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