Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Talk about hitting the ground running...we have had a productive day so far!!!

In math we reviewed identifying the rule for numeric patterns and applying the rule to continue the pattern. We also spent some time discussing number periods (every set of three digits is called a period...so 1 million had 7 digits and therefore it has 3 periods)and using our knowledge of the periods to read 6 and 7 digit numbers.

I also spent some time discussing addition and subtraction as parts and wholes. Addition is when you add together parts to get to the answer, which is the whole. With subtraction you begin with the whole and take away a part. We are using this knowledge to check our subtraction work by using addition and vice versa.

Finally, we spent time solving two digit subtraction problems that require the regrouping of numbers.

There is a subtraction worksheet for homework...no regrouping...yet!

Today is our day without specials. So we have an extended language arts block...and we put it to GREAT use! We began by listening to the story Library Lil' and discussing the story elements. As part of their independent work the students will complete a story map for the book.

I also introduced writing n, m and v in cursive. There is a practice worksheet for independent work, too.

In writing we focused on the entire writing process. The students have been learning about organization and sensory images. These are tools they should use to enhance their writing. We are now going to focus on taking pieces through the writing process; choosing a topic and organizing thoughts, first draft, conferencing with peers and adults, revising and writing a final draft.

After going over all of this with the class, the students chose a topic and begin a graphic organizer. The received a blank piece of paper and began drawing EVERYTHING that came to mind about their topic. Next they will begin organizing the pictures into a sequence that will lend itself to a rough draft.

Of course, following the whole group instruction, while the students work (ed) independently, I am meeting with reading groups.

Bears: We worked with contractions including those with 's and 've. Then we reread Rex Plays Fetch. Finally, we discussed suffixes again and identified words with -ed, -es and-ing endings. For homework: Reread the book and find at least 5 words for each suffix listed on the chart in their RRJ (-ed, -es and-ing).

Tigers: Reviewed list of unknown words from the children's homework last week. Then began reading Galimoto. For homework the children need to reread the story. They have 5 sticky notes labeled with characters, setting, problem, events and solution. They need to identify these story elements in the story by writing it on the appropriate sticky note and putting the paper on the page where they locate the information.

Lions: Tonight for homework they need to read chapter 1 in The Secret and respond to the RRJ question that is on their novel schedule which should be in the reading section of their binder.

We are ending the day by going to the computer lab to visit a web site that will give us information about chromatography.

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