Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hump Day...Already?!?!?!

This week seems to be moving along quite nicely!!!

In math we continued practicing solving two digit subtraction problems when regrouping is needed. I worked with a small group while the rest of the class worked independently. There is a practice worksheet for homework.

In reading we read a GREAT book called Flossie and the Fox and discussed the plot and story endings. Be sure to ask your child about the was really funny!

After that the children shared their writing graphic organizers, that they created yesterday, with their classmates.

Following PE, lunch and recess the children will work on independent work and meet with me in reading groups.

Bear: We will share the endings list from their homework. We will also reread their story. The students will write about the plot in their RRJ. THis will be a scored assignement.

Tigers: We will share their sticky notes that identify the elements of the story and reread the story. They, too, will write about the plot (for a score) in their RRJ.

Lions: We will read chapter 2 and write about whether Panic is a good name for this chapter.

Additionally, the students will use their graphic organizer to begin a rough draft of a personal narrative and work on the curive letters x, y and z.

We will end the day by conducting a chromatography experiment. WE will use a water bath to separate an ink mixture.

Check planners for homework! It will be different for each child since it will be to finish any unfinished independent work from reading and writing. Sorry to make it vague!!

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