Friday, September 18, 2009


Happy Friday!!!

In math we did not have a quiz but we will have one next week. We continued identifying the rules for a given numeric pattern and using the rule to extend it. I worked with a small group while the rest of the class completed two worksheets (one on patterns, the other...two digit addition) and worked on anchor activities.

After that we began day three of our newly formed language arts classes. WE got through two whole groups lessons. One was identifying and charting examples of sensory images used by the author of the book Everglades, through either written word or pictures. The other was using sight sensory images in our writing as we describe an ordinary object from our desk. I wrote about a sticky note!!!

Following media, lunch and recess the children will meet with me in reading groups and work on follow up activities for the reading books. They will also use sensory images in their writing as a they write about an object in their desk. Finally, they will practice writing r and s in cursive.

If time permits, my homeroom will identify the various resources needed in a classroom, prior to going outside for Fun Friday!

Reading Groups:
Bear: Read book The Running Shoes and discussed what Alex learned. (She learned you don't need new shoes to win a race.) Then we discussed suffixes (word endings). The children went back to their seats and charted words, from their book, with -ing, -ed and s endings.

Tiger: Met with me and shared unknown words from last night. Then we started a concept map (a graphic organizer used to learn new vocabulary words). WE began by looking up forlorn in the dictionary. This led to a mini impromptu lesson on using guide words. We wrote the definition on the concept map. After that we went to the story to reread the sentence that has forlorn in it and used our new knowledge to understand the sentence. We will continue the concept map on Monday.

Lion: Independently answered a BCR (short essay question) regarding a character trait for Selena and evidence, from the book, to back it up. When they came to group we discussed what a good response to the question would require. Then they had the opportunity to make improvements to their response. After they handed in their BCR, we took turns reading aloud.

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