Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March Roars In...

Well, we finally got some snow but I am ready for spring! :-) I know, some people are hard to please, right? ;-)

With our early release on Friday, no school on Monday and two hour delay this morning, it took some time to get re acclimated.

Before going to lunch we worked on some MSA (reading) practice activities.

We also discussed things we used to enjoy doing but are not afraid to do...this was in preparation for a book we read after lunch called Mirette on the High Wire. The theme of this book is overcoming fear. It is also historical fiction.

After lunch we read and discussed Mirette on the High Wire. The students then responded to a BCR in their RRJ (How are the personalities of Mirette and May similar?). When they finished, they worked on their persuasive writing.

We ended the day with a social studies activity that allowed me to assess their knowledge of government and the needs for rules.

For homework there is a cursive worksheet...also, spelling is due Friday!

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