Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ahhhhhhhhh...routine! Gotta love it!!

We are back to the regular routine. YEY!!!!!

In math we reviewed fractions and counting and writing money. I worked we with a small group identifying coins and their values and skip counting by fives and tens. The rest of the class worked on two worksheets independently and then did anchor activities. I had introduced a money game which incorporated both counting money and logic. Many students had the opportunity to play that game and enjoyed it! There is a worksheet for homework.

In reading we completed a new style of vocabulary web together. Then the students had to do one independently using a word from their reading group. They also worked on reading group assignments while I met with small groups.

Journey: Worked on vocab web and chapter 8-10 RRJ assignment. Then began reading chapters 11-13. They need to reread this for homework.

SP&T: We met and read and discussed chapters 5 & 6. They needed to complete the chapter 4 RRJ and begin the chapter 5 & 6 RRJ. They should reread chapters 5 & 6 for homework.

Anna: We read chapters 5 & 6 together and discussed how (and why) grandpa has changed. They reread this selection with a partner and need to reread again for homework. We are working on fluency!! They also have a word sort assignment to do independently in class.

Following lunch and recess the students will continue working on reading group assignments. They will also use the knowledge they gained from reading the articles yesterday to create a graphic organizer for their final persuasive writing piece. Some students might begin their rough draft, too.

We will end the day with a guidance lesson from Mrs. Dorfman.

Remember, sound projects are due on Thursday....two days from today!!

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