Thursday, March 12, 2009


In math we worked with white boards to investigate the similarities between fractions and division. We also reviewed placing fractions and mixed numbers on a number line. There is a probability worksheet for homework and a quiz tomorrow. The quiz will cover fraction items similar to our last quiz and some probability.

In reading the students continued working on their novels while I met with reading groups.

Journey: We had a wonderful discussion about the symbolism of the cat Journey discovers. The students have now been assigned chapters 8-10 to read.

Anna: We read and discussed chapter 3. The children worked on reading chapter 4 and an RRJ assignment.

SP&T: We used a map to locate Maine and the prairie region of our country. We discussed differences between these two locations. Then we read and discussed chapter 3.

Following lunch and recess we "played" with calculators so that the children could gain experience in using them and increase their comfort level with them. Part of our playing involved solving mathematical equations using a calculator.

After that, we did some math MSA practice activities that are similar to the test itself. WE did not complete the entire packet but it is coming home to give you an idea of the types of problems the children will be solving.

WE ended the day with a guidance lesson taught by Mrs. Dorfman.

I am sending home a list of science vocabulary words which should be included in the informative paragraph of the sound project. Please make sure your child is actively working on their instrument!

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