Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wow! The sun is actually shining!!

What a gorgeous day! Feels like we haven't had such a beautiful day in a long time...perfect way to being quarter 4!!

In math we went to Mrs. Braune's class to see a lesson done using Hand on Equations. This is a program that teachers students, using manipulatives, to write and solve algebraic equations. Very cool!! there is a money worksheet for homework.

In reading we continued our study of fantasy by reading The Mysterious Tadpole by Steven Kellogg. We concentrated on noting realistic events that the author included in an effort to help the reader become absorbed in the story and forget that it is fantasy.

While the children worked independently on reading group activities, a BCR in their RRJ and cursive handwriting, I met with small groups.

Journey: We reread chapter 13 and discussed the changes that took place in the entire story. It was a wonderful conversation.

Anna: Read chapter 7.

SP&T: Read chapter 7 and answered the assigned BCR in their RRJ.

Following lunch end recess we will complete a preassessment for writing. The students will answer the following questions in their writer's notebook and then we will discuss/share answers:
1. What are the characteristics of realistic fiction?
2. What steps would I follow to write realistic fiction?
3. What do I need to think about as I write realistic fiction?

We will end the day with a social studies lesson where we will discuss key events over time and how to create time lines depicting these events. There will be a follow up worksheet for homework!!

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