Tuesday, March 10, 2009


In math we continued our study of probability using the textbook. There is a worksheet for homework.

In reading the children worked in small groups to identify text features on a flyer and to explain the information that each text feature provided. Then they continued their reading group assignments from yesterday.

Following lunch and recess I modeled choosing a topic for persuasive writing and then brainstorming arguments and support for my position statement. The children then continued working on reading group assignments and persuasive writing. I worked with individual students to help them with their writing.

Prior to social studies I had the children write down their reading and writing homework in their planners. I, personally, checked all planners...each child has THEIR homework written in it. Homework differs, tonight, according to reading group and the amount of work they have completed in class.

I also distributed another packet for the sound project. This includes a breakdown of what should be turned in on March 26 AND the rubrics which will be used to score their work. Please review this with your child.

We ended the day discussing regions within our country and in particular the Washington, DC region. We also read about how transportation helped migration to this region and hurt the environment.

Tomorrow is spring picture day. We will be getting our pictures taken in the afternoon since we will be over at the high school in the morning to see Annie.

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