Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hump Day

Well, it's back to the routine for a couple of days. YEY!!!!

In math we began counting money. I sis a quick exit card to determine where the student's needs were in identifying and countint coins. Then I pulled a small group to help them improve their skills.

PARENTS: You can help! Plop down a handful of change from your pocket or wallet. Have you child sort the coins and identify the name and value of the coins. Then have them county and idetify the value.

While I worked with the small group, the remainder of the class completed two fraction worksheets and stregthened their skills with anchor activities.

There is a worksheet (or two for some) for homework.

In readiing we continued reading the informative piece about the DC region's transportation systems. We idetified reasons, from the article, that would make people want to migrate to this region. We also spent time verbally naming AND explaining reasons people might migrate to this region.

This is all in preparation for the students reading about the DC region job market and identifying reasons from THAT article as to why people might migrate to this regiong. Then they will write about reasons from both articles...they will be expected to name 2 reasons AND explain the reasons using information from their reading.

Following PE, lunch and outdoor recess the children will work on reading group activities, writing to persuade and go to FASTT math. I will meet with reading groups.

We will end the day working on our map packet. THe children seem to really enjoy these worksheets that are building their map skills.

PLEASE make sure your child is working on their sound project. It is due next Thursday, March 26.

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