Thursday, March 26, 2009

Instrumental Thursday

The sound project s were due today! We are sharing the instruments this afternoon and I can't wait!!

In math we reviewed adding and subtracting money and estimating to see if our answers make sense. Then we discussed how fractions and money are comparisons of parts to wholes. This was a springboard into the introduction of decimals. Decimals are a fourth grade objective that some students will be introduced to and others will receive in-depth instruction. We began with reading tenths and hundredths. There is a money worksheet for homework and NO QUIZ tomorrow...I think the kids have had enough testing for now, don't you?!?!

During reading/language arts the students worked on completing reading group assignments and their final persuasive writing pieces.

Following lunch and indoor recess we will look at a map of Fakesville today. The students will work in groups to identify ways Fakesville has changed since 1950 (the map they received yesterday). As a group they will find a way to chart this information and share it with the class. We will then discuss the possible reasons for the changes made to Fakesville, which will lead us to how and why people modify and adapt to their environment.

We will end the day with the students sharing their sound projects with classmates. The written portion will be coming home tonight. Students were expected to demonstrate knowledge oh how sound is produced and changed using science vocabulary we learned during the unit.

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