Thursday, March 5, 2009


In math we practiced comparing fractions using <, > and =. When working as a whole group the students seemed to understand the the denominator increases, the piece gets smaller. Unfortunately, many students rushed through their independent practice and struggled. There is another practice worksheet for homework. Please encourage (ahem...make) your child color the fraction bars before writing the <, > or = symbol.

We began reading with a practice MSA activity. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to finish due to numerous student disruptions. The children were not practicing good testing behaviors...they were out of their seats, talking to neighbors, asking to get drinks, skipping BCR's and the list goes on. I was frustrated and disappointed and shared this with the class.

From there we moved on to reading group activities.

Journey: Continued working on a vocab web and RRJ response for chapters 3&4.

Anna: Measured 50 inches with me to identify the actual depth of the snow during the blizzard. Then reread chapter 1 with me and worked on an RRJ response.

Sarah, Plain and Tall (SP&T): Read and discussed chapter 1 with me and worked on an RRJ response.

Following lunch and outdoor recess the children will continue working on reading group assignments and persuasive writing. They will also go to FASTT math.

We will end the day with a cultural arts assembly about the Australian Wildlife.

There will be a math quiz tomorrow and a spelling test!

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