Monday, March 23, 2009


Wow! I don't think I have ever missed two days in a row since starting this blog. I sincerely apologize. My eldest son had a stomach virus that was pretty nasty. So I was teaching half days then running home to relieve my parents.

This is just a quick update as to what we did on Thursday and the best of my foggy recollection, that is!

On Thursday in math we reviewed counting and writing money using dollar bills and coins. The we spent time identifying fractions of a set. For example, to find 1/3 of 12, you first need to divide 12 by 3. This tells how many are in each EQUAL group. There was no math homework since we had MSA the next morning.

After math we continued reading about migration to the DC region. This time the students were to read the final article in the packet independently. As they read, they were expected to underline reasons people might migrate to this region, just had we had done together on the previous article. After reading, the had to write in their RRJ about 2 reasons people migrate to the DC region and use details from the packet to support their answer.

I met with a small group that need my support to successfully complete this activity.

Following lunch and recess the children went to the computer lab to work on Type to Learn. Then they read and discussed an issue of Time for Kids with the substitute.

On Friday the students took part 1 of the math MSA. Then after music, lunch and recess, they went to FASTT math and worked on their map packets. They ended the day with a trip to the computer lab.

Hope this helps catch you up! remember that the sound projects are due this Thursday!!

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